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About This Particular Macintosh published a great review of Icon Tools.

Icon Tools was SiteLink's Pick o' the Week for the week starting November 15, 1998!

Icon Tools was reviewed by Ambrosia Cafe's GUI Central and scored 4.5 out of 5!

Icon Tools is reviewed in the Cool Iconic Tools article on MacTips (MacTip #37). Check out their incredible icon tool giveaway too!

Icon Tools is a VersionTracker "Best of Class" favorite!

ResExcellence has an article on how to create Icon Stamps and Frames for Icon Tools.

Icon Tools was also immediately reviewed by Download.com's Power Downloader.

MacAddict magazine wrote a great review of Icon Tools.

Icon Tools was very positively reviewed by Download.com. Released as a Download.com Premiere, it became a Top Pick and Most Popular item in the first week!

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