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Q. Will Icon Tools work with Mac OS 9?

A. Icon Tools works with Mac OS 8 and later, including 9 and the Classic environment under Mac OS X.

Q. I downloaded and installed Icon Tools, but the new commands don't appear. What's up?

A. Icon Tools is a contextual menu plug-in: in order to use it, you need to click icons in the Finder while holding the control key down. This will bring up a contextual menu with Icon Tools' commands. Icon Tools does not modify the Finder's File or Edit menus.

Q. Icon Tools' commands still don't appear.

A. Please check that you have the following files in your Extensions Folder inside the System Folder: "SOMobjectsTM for Mac OS" and "Contextual Menu Extension". If you can't find the SOMobjects library, you can download it by clicking here.
You also need a Power Macintosh running Mac OS 8 or later in order to use Icon Tools or any other contextual menu plug-in.
If the version of Icon Tools you are using is 1.2, please download version 1.2.1. In some rare circumstances 1.2 refused to load, but this has been fixed in 1.2.1.

Q. Is there any way to have precise control over the positioning of Icon Stamps and Frames?

A. You probably still have version 1.0 of Icon Tools. Download the latest version of Icon Tools now: it gives you much better control over the position of stamps and also has many great new features!

Q. The Make Preview Icon command tells me that the selected file is not a picture or a movie, but I'm sure it is. Is there a list of supported pictures and movies?

A. Icon Tools uses QuickTime to open pictures and movies. Therefore, preview thumbnails can only be created for files recognized by QuickTime. Additional picture or movie file formats can be supported through QuickTime codecs; a standard install of QuickTime 3 provides support for the following image types:
3DMF objects, PICS, QuickDraw Picture (PICT), Photoshop, GIF, JPEG, MacPaint, BMP, PNG, SGI, TIFF, FLC/FLI, Targa.
And for the following kinds of movies: QuickTime movie, MPEG Layer 2, AVI, DV, OpenDML.

Q. When I use Icon Tools under Mac OS 8.5, it takes a while for icons to be updated. Why?

A. Please upgrade to the latest version of Icon Tools, which fixes this problem.

Q. Can I use the Save Icon As... command to save the selected icon as a GIF file?

A. Not with a standard installation of QuickTime 3, which only permits saving to BMP, JPEG, Photoshop, PICT and QuickTime Image files. However, it is possible to do so by installing a GIF image exporter. We will add a link to such an exporter as soon as we find one.

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