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About Singer

Singer is a control panel that plays specific sounds whenever you type their name on the keyboard, regardless of whether you're typing inside a word processor, a dialog box or anywhere else.
The sounds to play are stored in the "Singer Sounds" folder inside the System folder and must be in double-clickable sound file format (aka System 7 sounds). You can convert sounds to this format using various utilities, such as SoundExtractor.

Singer was written together with Alessandro Levi Montalcini. Visit his web page to check out other cool software he wrote!

Singer is shareware $10. If you like it or use it, please use the enclosed Register application or register online.

Thank you very, very much for your support!


MacAddict wrote a very nice review of Singer.

Download.com and MacDownload.com both reviewed Singer and included it in their shareware archives.

Sound collections for Singer

We are releasing sound collections for use with Singer, thanks to the contributions of various people.

The Animals for Singer sound collection turns your Mac into a farm, by making it play an animal's sound every time you type the animal's name!

Keep watching this web page for new sound collections!


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